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About Us

Fraser Heights Animal Hospital was established in 1986 by Dr Gary and Teppy Smith as an opportunity to serve more patients following 20 years of earlier involvement in the local animal care industry. The building was custom designed and built to serve as a veterinary hospital and pet food store and has been regularly renovated and equipped to keep up to date with latest animal care practices and keep a fresh and pleasant environment for our clients and team.

In 2021, one of our long standing veterinarians, Dr Cindy Duff, was given the opportunity to take ownership of the hospital and build and grow the fun and caring environment that Gary and Teppy established. Along with her husband (John), Cindy took the opportunity and has embraced the challenge of hospital ownership.

Our hospital provides small animal general practice medicine and has approximately 30 staff across the full range of the veterinary professionals and is supported by a team of external specialists who regularly visit the hospital to provide enhanced support to our patients.

At our hospital site we have a dedicated food store that provides a full line of prescription and premium foods 7 days a week. Our food store staff are qualified to support in animal nutrition decisions and work closely with our veterinary team to support ongoing animal wellness.